Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sick little baby

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Liv has been sick for the past week. She has roseola, very common in babies.It starts with a high fever then moves onto a rash on their bodies.
She went from eating well to not eating any solids at all. She refused all solids and we are just on BM. This makes me so glad that I have not started to wean her, since I know whole milk is not enough for anyone to live off of. Liv stopped eating solids last Thursday and has started to eat some monday, but very few. The nutrients in whole milk are just not enough for a baby. This is why babies should be breastfeed into their toddler years, not just the first year of their life. Most toddler refuse foods for many reason and breastmilk makes up for all the gaps.
When she stopped eating solids I was not worried since I knew my milk was enough for her and will help her get better. My dr. was also not worried, knowing she is a BF baby.
To me this is just another reason why breast is best, and extended BF is best too. I feel weird even calling BF a toddler extended BF since to most other countries its not considered extentded, just normal.
Liv is not quite a toddler, but she is 11 months now so she is almost there.
I will be nursing my toddler.
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