Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Sample Daily Menu for 9 month old, BLW style

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I have always had a hard time with planning Liv's meals, so if you are like me I will be occasionally posting meal plans that I have used with Liv at various ages.
Still nurse on demand, the nurse times are just suggestions of times to offer it.
Upon waking: Nurse
Breakfast: OatieOs and blueberries cut in half
Lunch: Whole wheat toast cut in squares, then spinach hummus spread on on square and make small sandwiches.
Snack: teething biscuit. I make the "Nutritious Teething Biscuits" homemade from wholesome baby food
Dinner: Whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce and peas with tomato sauce (That's the only way Liv will eat peas.
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