Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekly Rhythm

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Shortly after I had Liv I decided we needed some structure to our week, to help us get things done. I am the eternal procrastinator and can let my life fall to chaos pretty quickly. When I let things fall to that I can not think and get nothing done. To prevent this I created a weekly routine for us. This goes along with Steiner and rhythm in your life.
Monday: Market-this is the day we go to the grocery store
Tuesday:I keep Tuesday pretty open to do other cleaning or to do errands.
Wednesday: Wash-laundry day, changing the linens, and changing the towels in the bathrooms and kitchen (I do that when needed but also atleast once a week on Wednesday)This is also our garbage day. Well the pick up is early in the morning on Thursday so Wednesday we empty all the garbages.
Thursday: Baking day
Friday: Floors-this day I vacuum, mop and do other household cleaning.
Saturday: Fun day
Sunday: Church, relax other fun stuff. We usually have a nice big Sunday dinner.
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