Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baby Led weaning, some advice

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I have been a blogging slacker so here is some simple advice that might help you with BLW.
1)Dont expect much in the beginning.
Liv didn't eat much of anything and it made me nervous so I even tried some babyfood. she hated it so I went right back to BLW. I realized that is what she wants and that she really didn't need any additional food. For the next baby I might even delay the start of solids a little longer, maybe 7 or 8 months.
2) Milk in best
Breastmilk should be your babies primary source of nutrition. Food is really just for fun the first year.
3) You can use a spoon.
Spoons are not anti-BLW, just feeding your LO is. I bought this spoon >so she can feed herself. She uses this for yogurt and applesauce
4) Go organic
Since your LO shouldn't be eating much you should try to get organic produce since its best for your baby
5)Mix it up, seasonally
Use lots of seasonal produce, babies will love it. Especially fresh fruit. That is Liv's fav.
6)Expect a mess
Self feeding is messy, period.
7)Don't force anything
Just offer healthy meals and snacks, if your LO refuses it okay, they will make it up with milk later.
8)Let her have control
That's what BLW is all about. She will be confident and want will not want to be feed, and this is okay.
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