Saturday, July 31, 2010

I almost didn't make my sink shine

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I am about a week into my routines. I have been doing good, but today I have been just absolute exhausted. I am not sure why, but it might be the fact that Liv has been very clingy today and would not let me put her down. So after I put her to bed I went to the kitchen to put away a few things, and I said to myself one night with dishes in the sink won't kill me. But as I was rinsing Liv's highchair tray off I said, "No just do it." It literally took me less then 2 min to do the dishes from dinner.
So I kept with it and now I will wake up to a clean sink, not dishes pilling up more and more.
So glad I did and kept up with my sink shinning.
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Friday, July 30, 2010

Breastfeeding week

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In honor of breastfeeding week which starts on Aug 1 all next week I will try to focus on breastfeeding, my troubles and success, tips, benefits and more all on breastfeeding.
And by next week I will have my signed copy of the lastest edition on The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding hopefully.
Enjoy breastfeeding week and remember, don't be a weaner!
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Sleep essentials

I've posted before about the trials and tribulations of Liv and her bad sleep patterns. Now at almost a year she goes down very easy. She has been doing this for a while and on most nights only wakes once between 2-5.
Liv has a few sleep essentials that help her get to sleep.
Binkies-Liv needs a binkie, this option can be controversal, but she really seemed to need it as a baby, and does not seem to be ready to wean at all.

Snoedel doll-this organic cotton doll is Liv's lovey. This lovey was pushed upon her for a while. Since she was such a poor sleeper, waking often I used this to help. It took a bit for her to want this doll, but it works wonders now. I wore the doll under my shirt so it smells like me and for months this doll was only taken out at sleep time and in the crib. Now when she is tired she reaches for this doll and strokes it against her face.

Seahorse- This little glowworm like doll sits in the corner of her crib. I put her in the crib awake and push its belly. Its lights up and plays 5 min of music. This was key when I was trying to get her to sleep on her own and now its just a nice part to her routine.

I needed to this, this is essential for Liv and I forgot it in my original post. I noise machine. Liv sleeps to the sounds of the ocean. It is so relaxing. I love listening to the noise of it over the monitor all night long. I start the sound machine when we go in her room at the beginning of her routine and leave it on all night. It keeps out noises in the house, and is just another cue for her that its sleep time. The machine I bought Liv is the Homedics one, which is very inexpensive and can operate on batteries or with headphones. So its very portable and can be used in many situations, even when she is older if she still needs it.

We co-slept full-time till 4 months and part-time till a little after 6 months. The transtion was actually very easy and very natural. We still occasionally co-sleep on nights when she is having a rough time, like last week when she was sick. These tips might help you transition out of co-sleeping if you want to or if it wasnt working out for you, which was the case for us. I love love love co-sleeping, but my little Liv is a wild girl in her sleep and would wake DH and me up. And worse I think she gets that from both DH and I so we would wake her up often too. This is when I decided to transition her to her crib and started to use some of these things to make it easy on her.

These are essential to our sleep routine and can help get your LO to sleep in her crib, with out resorting to CIO methods.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

What I'm cleaning with

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Since I am pretty green and also trying to be frugal since I am now a SAHM I have limited my cleaners to 4 basic items.
White vinegar-I mixed with water in a spray bottle and use it for everything, to clean windows, countertops, even spray on produce before I rinse it. This is my go to cleaner.
baking soda-this is my go to scrubber.
borax-I use borax for a variety of things. To clean with, a laudry booster to kill ants and other bugs too.
hydrogen peroxide- used sprayed before using vinegar to steralize and disenfect. This too is in a blend with water and can be used first with a produce wash too. Peroxide and vinegar used together is very effective at killing germs, many research show that its more effect then most commercial cleaners
All of these are great cleaners and very inexpensive. There are so many uses for these cleaners. I will not get into all of them here, just know that they are much healthier for you to use and will save you time and money. Check out some of the link for more uses and ways to use these natural cleaners.
I use these methods in my flyday missions daily.
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I am still flying

So I am stil following the flylady plan. I have to say it is nice not waking up to a sink full of dishes. My kitchen seems cleaner and so do my bathrooms from her plan this month of just wiping things down daily. I also declutted Liv's closet for 15 min (or really as long as she would let me) today. Her bumpers where taking up so much space, so now I will move them to the attic and it freed up room to organize. I would love to have a house that cleans itself. We'll see where this program takes me.

week 49

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I can't believe my little Liv is almost a year old. She is climbing and cruising like crazy, but she has no desire to walk when I hold her hands. She sits down right away when I try to do this with her.
I also think she is having a growth spurt. She has been sleeping a lot these past few days. She also just seems taller to me. Guess we will find out in a couple of weeks when we go to the doctors.
She is already thinning out and losing that baby fat. I know this is normal, and expected, especially with an breastfeed baby since they thin out quicker, but I hate seeing it go. Its just another sign she is growing up to quick.
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Blogging dumby

I just can't seem to get this whole layout thing going right and all my widgets working with the right templets so I'm back to this simple design with a long list of my widgest. Took me forever to just get it back to this. I was looking at other peoples blogs and they are so nice and customized and I just can't seem to get anything on this right. What am I doing wrong here?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is is amoral to not vaccinate?

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This morning on the Today Show Dr. Nancy Snyderman did a piece on the Whooping Cough outbreak in California. State officals state that nearly 1,500 kids have been diagnosed with this disease and now 6 have actually died from it. This is the worst outbreak in 50 years. And the season has not even started yet. When kids go back to school they expect these number to rise.
Now on the Dr. Snyderman's comments on the topic. She went on to state how vaccinating is the best prevention, that they are safe and that many people are opting out for religous reasons when "that's not the case" and that there are times when the community as a whole trumps the rights of the individual. That when you go into a store and go by someone with cancer or other diseases that weaken the immune system you are endagering them and that not choosing to vaccinate is "offensive and amoral."
So is it amoral to not vaccinate? Should you put your child at risk for the benefits of the community?

I think the answer to this is not that simple. And I don't think its fair that either side of the vaccine debate makes the answer so simple as blindly vaccinate or don't. And I don't think its right for either side to attack each other as did the Dr, especially when there is so much mis-information out there and it can get very confusing for families to make the best choice for them.
Personally for my family I am pro-vaccine. I have done my research and do feel that the vaccines offered now are safe and the risks (which there are still risks) do not out weigh the benefits. Especially with the rise of diseases like whooping cough and measles I do not want to put my children at risk for contracting these diseases.
I did not always feel this way. When people start this not vaccinate trend much more children vaccinated then were not. So you could say that it all the other children who shouldn't be able to get the disease will not be able to spread it to your child. Now this isn't the case. Many people are now opting out of vaccines and many illnesses are on the rise. Even with the chicken pox vaccine. So many children have recieve it that now "green" Dr's recommend it since your child many not be exposed and maybe at risk then later in life when it is more deadly. Vaccines were also the hot button with autism. But recently it was shown that the Dr. who did the major study on the weak link paid his clients and his research has no validity. There was also the mercury debate, which now mercury is no longer in vaccines or in very small trace amounts. There are studies that link mercury and heavy metal poisoning to autism. But now vaccines are cleaner and safer then they ever have been.
Why not vaccinate? Well some people are allergic to ingredients in the vaccines, and allergic reactions can be deadly. People who homeschool also maybe at much less risk of getting these communal diseases that vaccines prevent. But people must understand there still is a risk. I think many people are not not vaccinating because its a trend. They hear things and want to be natural and refuse vaccines with out doing their reseach. Its the green thing to do and they blindy go with the trend. I think Jenny McCarthy ranting and raving how her son maybe got his autism from vaccines doesn't help. People need to do their research and make the best desicion for their family, not just follow a trend. Because for some children following this trend can be deadly.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my new babywearing love, the ergo

Babywearing along the canalImage by ceejayoz via Flickr

I am a huge proponate of babywearing. At first I had a moby, perfect for a newborn, then I went to the baby bijorn when Liv got older. Then the bijorn started to kill my back. I also had a sling, but the pressure when Liv got heavy gave me clogged ducts. So I recently moved up to the Ergo.
I love my ergo. It totally replaces the bijorn. Liv and I go for morning walks with her in the front and occasionally we go for hikes with her in the back position. I havent figured out the hip hold yet, but I think she'll like that. I sometimes strap her on my back when I am trying to clean or cook and she is not wanting to be put down.
The ergo is a great purchase and replaces all the babywearing stuff I've ever bought. Liv now weighs 22lbs and its still so comfortable.
Keep wearing your baby!
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sun protection

The official sunscreen supplier for Wimbledon ...Image via Wikipedia

This company was recenlty blogged about in a blog i follow (Check out my profile to see blogs I follow)
I love not having to put sunscreen on Liv. She has fair skin and I like to keep her covered with out putting anything on her skin other then clothes. This company has great swimsuits and cover-ups that are perfect for the summer,for you and your children.
Wish I found it sooner since summer is over half-way over.
Well there is always next summer.
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Baby Led weaning, some advice

peerImage by wester via Flickr

I have been a blogging slacker so here is some simple advice that might help you with BLW.
1)Dont expect much in the beginning.
Liv didn't eat much of anything and it made me nervous so I even tried some babyfood. she hated it so I went right back to BLW. I realized that is what she wants and that she really didn't need any additional food. For the next baby I might even delay the start of solids a little longer, maybe 7 or 8 months.
2) Milk in best
Breastmilk should be your babies primary source of nutrition. Food is really just for fun the first year.
3) You can use a spoon.
Spoons are not anti-BLW, just feeding your LO is. I bought this spoon >so she can feed herself. She uses this for yogurt and applesauce
4) Go organic
Since your LO shouldn't be eating much you should try to get organic produce since its best for your baby
5)Mix it up, seasonally
Use lots of seasonal produce, babies will love it. Especially fresh fruit. That is Liv's fav.
6)Expect a mess
Self feeding is messy, period.
7)Don't force anything
Just offer healthy meals and snacks, if your LO refuses it okay, they will make it up with milk later.
8)Let her have control
That's what BLW is all about. She will be confident and want will not want to be feed, and this is okay.
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Getting my house clean flylady style

Being a SAHM (stay at home mom for those not all up on internet terms) I sometimes use the internet as a source of socialization. One of the sites I use is forum boards. I am on the board of the month that my little Liv was born in.
Anyway someone on the board was complain about their stay at home husband and how he gets no cleaning done all day. Someone else suggested the flylady program. Well my house isn't horrible, but it could use some work so I decided to sign myself up and see how I do.
Right I am making sure my sink is clean when I go to bed and that I take several minutes in the morning to swish and swipe my bathroom (a quick clean of all surfaces with a rag and some vinegar water mix for me) Also I should take 15 min everyday to de-clutter something. Today I worked on my junk drawer. It looks better already.
The basic idea is that you do her quick easy 15 min ideas, and that you can do anything for 15 min, then it becomes a habit and your house will be clean before you know it.
Lets hope this work, I could use some organizing and just a cleaner house made easy. I'll keep you posted on how I do on her program.
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Sample Daily Menu for 9 month old, BLW style

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I have always had a hard time with planning Liv's meals, so if you are like me I will be occasionally posting meal plans that I have used with Liv at various ages.
Still nurse on demand, the nurse times are just suggestions of times to offer it.
Upon waking: Nurse
Breakfast: OatieOs and blueberries cut in half
Lunch: Whole wheat toast cut in squares, then spinach hummus spread on on square and make small sandwiches.
Snack: teething biscuit. I make the "Nutritious Teething Biscuits" homemade from wholesome baby food
Dinner: Whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce and peas with tomato sauce (That's the only way Liv will eat peas.
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Sick little baby

Breastfeeding symbolImage via Wikipedia

Liv has been sick for the past week. She has roseola, very common in babies.It starts with a high fever then moves onto a rash on their bodies.
She went from eating well to not eating any solids at all. She refused all solids and we are just on BM. This makes me so glad that I have not started to wean her, since I know whole milk is not enough for anyone to live off of. Liv stopped eating solids last Thursday and has started to eat some monday, but very few. The nutrients in whole milk are just not enough for a baby. This is why babies should be breastfeed into their toddler years, not just the first year of their life. Most toddler refuse foods for many reason and breastmilk makes up for all the gaps.
When she stopped eating solids I was not worried since I knew my milk was enough for her and will help her get better. My dr. was also not worried, knowing she is a BF baby.
To me this is just another reason why breast is best, and extended BF is best too. I feel weird even calling BF a toddler extended BF since to most other countries its not considered extentded, just normal.
Liv is not quite a toddler, but she is 11 months now so she is almost there.
I will be nursing my toddler.
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Summer wear

I get very nervous about all the stuff in sunscreens. I blogged in an early post about the safest sunscreens avail. I would personally rather not use any and have my LO cover up.
I follow the kitchenstewardship blog and they directed me to a site called . I have been looking for long sleeve lightweight clothes for Liv to wear and am very excited to have finally found some at a decent price. Might even get some stuff for myself.
Hopefully you will enjoy this shop like I did.
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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

kitchen stewardship give away

Kitchen stewardship is a blog I follow and they have a great give away for a e-course