Tuesday, July 27, 2010

my new babywearing love, the ergo

Babywearing along the canalImage by ceejayoz via Flickr

I am a huge proponate of babywearing. At first I had a moby, perfect for a newborn, then I went to the baby bijorn when Liv got older. Then the bijorn started to kill my back. I also had a sling, but the pressure when Liv got heavy gave me clogged ducts. So I recently moved up to the Ergo.
I love my ergo. It totally replaces the bijorn. Liv and I go for morning walks with her in the front and occasionally we go for hikes with her in the back position. I havent figured out the hip hold yet, but I think she'll like that. I sometimes strap her on my back when I am trying to clean or cook and she is not wanting to be put down.
The ergo is a great purchase and replaces all the babywearing stuff I've ever bought. Liv now weighs 22lbs and its still so comfortable.
Keep wearing your baby!
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