Thursday, July 18, 2013

Storybook Land

Last week we did our annual Staycation, our stay at home, daytrips, vacations. On one of our trips we visited Storybook land in South Jersey. For us its a decent drive so we had other plans in the morning. We also know no one who has been there before so we were a little apprehensive about making our whole trip about it. I can not say enough wonderful things about this place.
Its inexpensive, we also went on a Tuesday for 25% off. That is a huge plus to a family on a budget like ours. Last year we visited the Land of Make Believe and couldn't believe how expensive it was for such a little family place. Guess that water park jumps the price and of course you can't buy them separately. I was very impressed with how clean it was. The rides, the park (which is smoke free) the tables, restaurants. Everything was spotless. When we stopped for a snack there was someone right there to clean off the tables when you were done. There was very little wait on the rides, which is very important for little ones. They have these little "story" stations through out the park in addition to the rides. They will have a little house or something set up with a window on one side. Then you push a button and the story begins. The figures, which look like they are from the 50s, start to move and a brief synopsis of a classic story begins. Goldlocks, Sleep Beauty, Red Riding Hood, Snow White (which my almost 2 year old said was scary) and more. They are cute, kitsch little places to break up going on rides. The rides are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers and other kids up to around age 8. There is also a little splash pad to cool off in if you go in summer. It was a wonderful afternoon, that is really all the time you need to enjoy the park. Family owned and perfect for regular families looking to enjoy themselves.


  1. Funny I was just googling Land of Make Believe vs Storybook land and this blog post (from today no less!) came up. I've gone to Storybook Land and was thinking of going to Land of Make Believe. I was wondering about the differences between the two. I'd be going with a 2 and 4 year old.

    Thanks for any additional insight you might have!

    1. I loved Land of Make Believe but it is pretty expensive now with the water park. I went there as a kid so some of it is just childhood nostalgia too.
      If you aren't planning on the doing the water park I would say storybook land is much more appropriate. The splash pad is a nice little cool off for young kids. My girls are almost 4 and 2 and I thought storybrook land was perfect for them

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