Thursday, November 24, 2011

Weekly Rhythm

I've posted before about our weekly rhythm. Have a nice routine helps me greatly organize the duties of the house and helps me plan out actives and other things to do so I don't feel stuck home all week.

Lately our rhythm has been this
Sunday-Church in the morning, afternoon, outside play time maybe some football, cook a nice big dinner
Monday-Market, grocery shop
Tuesday-Library story time. Liv does a story time at a local library that even has a simple craft after the story. After this she plays in the kids area and checks out a book.
Wednesday-Wash- laundry day and garbage day. This was our library day before story time so if its raining or too cold out we go to the closer smaller library and check out some more books and play a little bit.
Thursday-Errand day
Friday-Floors, my big cleaning day
Saturday- free day

The reason I am returning to this topic is my amazement of how my toddler gets our weekly rhythm. We have been doing this routine for well over a year, with the exception of the story time which started in September. She has no concept of days of the week(monday, tuesday) but sure gets our routine and which days come after each other.
On Wednesday after breakfast Liv went in the bathroom, removed the bath mats and threw them down the stairs and took out new mats and put them on the floor. I always do this Wednesdays with the wash. I couldn't believe my eyes when she started to do this. She just knew that is what we do. Keep a nice routine really works.
We have been slacking on our daily structure and rhythm with a newborn in the house, but seeing how much the weekly rhythm works for her and has her helping out with the household chores I am eager to get back back into a routine, and a little better one to help our day go even more smooth. I feel it helps so much and our routines are one huge reason why Liv does not have too many tantrums.
She always knows what to expect and what is expected.

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Monday, November 21, 2011


Even though I have a baby who will only sleep with momma I am thankful, just for the fact that she is healthy and happy when she is near me. The one thing I learned from Liv is "this too shall pass" so I try not to stress and just live in the moment.
I am getting excited to have Thanksgiving as my mom's. Liv has been my little baking partner so she will help me bake pumpkin cheesecake this year. I love doing this with her. My mom would get frustrated with my sister or me in the kitchen and never taught us how to cook or bake. The most we did was decorate cookies. I am thankful that I can remember being shooed out of the kitchen and hating it. So I am thankful that I can change this and try to let Liv help out as much as she can. I hope she has wonderful memories of us spending time in the kitchen baking and cooking.
Life can be hard, but I am just so thankful this year for two beautiful girls that I love dearly. And that I will get to spend the day with my family.

This Thanksgiving I am just so thankful for all the blessings of this year.
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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fit after Baby

When I had my first child I was to tired and new to motherhood to worry about losing the 40 so odd pounds I put on while being pregnant. It took about a year and I got within 2 pounds of my pre-pregnancy weight. Then I got pregnant again.
This time I am, for some reason, very focused on losing the weight and getting in shape again after the baby. Seeing pictures of Rebecca Romijn on TMZ at 39 after twins in a bikini looking fad doesn't help. Power to her, I just want to get in my old shape again. We just put some much pressure on ourselves as women and moms. Some of it is good. It is good to not just totally let yourself go after having kids. Its not good for your health or your psyche. But my goal of being able to wear a bikini again. Is that unrealistic? I don't know.
Unlike Hollywood elite I don't have a trainer, a dietitian,a cook and someone to watch my children when I work out. Lately I don't even have my husband at home, who has been forced to work long hours due to the poor weather in our state.
I just want to look like my old self right now. I know, being only 2 months postpartum that that is very unrealistic. Especially since I put on 40lbs again with this pregnancy.
I am making some simple changes in my diet and trying to move, walk, do 10 min work out videos, rake leaves, anything that moves my body.
I gave up soda, sweets and am trying to not eat in front of the tv. I'm trying to eat 3 solid meals a day with one snack of fruit or vegetables. I am also adding coconut oil to my diet, which is supposed to help weight-loss.
I am also breastfeeding, which burns 500 calories a day. But it can also make you so hungry so I don't know if breastfeeding really aids weight loss that much.
Once the baby is on a sleep schedule I'm planning on doing some work out videos and lifting weights. My sister has the Psx90 series on DVD and I have heard great things about it. I also plan on starting doing yoga and Pilates. I love yoga and Pilates and did it before I was pregnant. Its great for my mind as well as my body.

I am just frustrated, not being able to fit in my old clothes, having a muffin tops and looking frumpy and dumpy. Always wearing sweats since that is all that fits. I have never really been over weight so it just really bothers me. And what bothers me most is the lack of time to work out. With a newborn its almost impossible to find the time.
And having the holidays come up isn't a help. This is a time most people gain weight and I'm trying to lose it.
This past Monday was the day I am making conscience changes to lose the weight.
My goal is 25lbs, my extra fit goal is 30lbs.
I hope I can meet my goal, in a realistic weight. Deep down I know I will not lose it over night, even though I wish I would. I took 9 months to put on, so it can take 9 months to come off.
7 months to go...
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Newborn Necessities

Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby and your neighbor and mom friends will often tell you of all the items you need to buy your newborn. I always had a hard time submitting to this idea that newborns need so much junk. The practical, green being just hates spending money and wasting resources on stuff that will be used for such a short time and after being used maybe once or twice more by another kid will end up in a landfill.
The one thing everyone told me I need is a swing. I registered for one and didn't get it. After buying a nice crib set we didn't have much left so I didn't get a swing. We did end up getting one from a friend and I'm so glad we got it used.
Both Ev and Liv are not fans. I was hoping that Ev might like it, but right now its collecting dust in our living room.
I also registered for a fancy expensive playmate. I don't know why. I just put Ev on the ground with a blanket and some toys and a child's mirror. Same effect and purpose for an 1/8 of the cost.
A bassinet, this could be good if you child sleeps well alone. Liv didn't and Ev doesn't right now so we co-sleep. I was very stress about this with Liv, thinking she would never sleep alone (I support co-sleeping completely, but long term its not for me) and at 3/4 months she slept in her crib.
Cribs, I spent the extra money on a great quality convertible crib. One that goes to a toddler bed then to a full bed. Now she will have it for life, or at least as long as she is living in my house. Now that is green.
The only items I really found as a necessity for the first months are the following; tub with a sling, boppy or a nursing pillow, baby carrier (moby, bijorn) and a bouncer for sleep and its great for kids with reflux, which my first had. A glider is also a huge buy for me. I spent so many nights rocking Liv and nursing her in the glider. We now read together on it, she still loves sitting on my lap and reading together then singing some songs before bed.
I never had a exersaucer, a walker, fancy swings or other gizmos and I did find.

Save the money and put it in a college fund for you kids.
Most of the stuff is a gimick just to sell money. Few of the stuff they claim that makes life easier actually does.
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