Monday, April 4, 2011

Walking in the Woods

the garden gnomeImage by mararie via Flickr

Liv and I love just taking nice long walks. Today was a pretty nice day in our area so I took her on a trail in the woods. I love the county I live in. There are so many trails, for walking, hiking and many that are perfect for the walking skills of a toddler.
The trail we walked on today is know for its Gnome homes. (Next time we go I will take pix to post)
All along the trail are little home-made Gnome or fairy homes. There are also little scenes that are mostly home-made dolls or knitting. Most of the homes have paper and pen in them so you can leave a note for the gnomes. There are also in some little trinkets where that you can take if you exchange it for something.
Liv got so exciting leaving a note in the Daisy troops beautifully decorated home. "color" she kept saying as she climbed up on a rock with a pen and paper (so mad I forgot my camera!)
When we would move on as soon as she spotted a new home she would get so excited and run up to it.
I just love seeing the creativity and effort people put into these little homes. Some of the homes were completely home-made, some were garden gnomes, others were made of clay, some were bought homes but painted nicely, others were knitted flags.
I just can't wait till Liv and I can make a gnome home and place it along the trail and see what exchanges are made or notes are left.
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