Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Menu

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One thing that is often suggested by other bloggers and some sites on organization and cleaning is preparing your meals for the week.
Since I have started doing this I don't know how I lived with out it before.
It is too easy to wake up, look at my menu white board planner on the fridge and know if I need to defrost meat, run out for fresh veggies if its toward the end of my shopping week or do nothing. Then at 5 I can just look again and cook, no planning, no thinking "oh I need that" no complaining from my husband. He is a picky eater.
On Sunday nights I plan my meals for the week, which can depend on deals at the stores, what I have leftover, what I am craving (pregnancy fun), simple meals for days I know I am busy and when to try out new recipes. I can also plan in leftovers.
Monday is my shopping day.
For this week I have this planned

Sunday night-tonight-a chicken roaster, leftovers will make sandwiches for the week instead of buying lunch meat.
Monday night-Turkey burgers topped with lettuce, onions and tomatoes with fries. Liv will be eating a veggie burger
Wednesday-Lasagna with salad
Thursday-Quiche from the inside of the eggs we will dye. And her comes in my picky DH who does not like quiche. He will be eating leftover lasagna.
Friday-Pizza night
Sat-frozen dinner. I will be leaving my house around dinner time to go to the Saturday night vigil to make my holy communion and confirmation while DH stays home with the baby. (I think this will be the first time in over 2 years he has eaten a tv, and we both grew up eating these on occasion so actually enjoy them as a treat.
Sunday-Easter ham with several sides.
Then for next week I can plan some meals with whatever left over ham we have.

This method saves me money and time. I recommend this is everyone who mentions to me about eating out too much, never knowing what to cook, or too many complaints.
It works great for working moms too. A friend of mine does her menu on Saturday and shop on Sunday. Then Sundays they eat some easy roast and she spends some time cutting and preparing other meals for the week. She will make other meals, casseroles or baked dishes and have them ready in the fridge or freezer. She will also cut up veggies to have for snacks, lunch or for stir fries or fajitas. This way she is eating nice and healthy homemade meals most nights of the week.
I often will plan lunch out too. This way I can make sure we eat more then just sandwiches during the week.
Life is just so much easier when there is a rhythm to you week and my menu planning helps me maintain that with ease.
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