Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Traditions

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As I kid there were some thing we always did on Easter and around this time. I am hoping to continue some of these traditions with my children, and even add some of our own.
Fresh Easter flowers always filled up our home. My dad owns a florist so we always had nice seasonal flowers to make our home smell great. I still love the scent of hyacinths, it is probably my favorite floral scent.
Egg dying, a fun simple craft that kids love. We would hardboil the eggs and eat them later. This year I tried this technique from the Magic Onion blog (one of my favs) and made a quiche with the eggs.
Egg hunt. Since Liv is still too young for candy the sweet treat filling will be fruit snacks.
Church Easter morning. I love seeing all the little girls in their dresses and can't wait to see Liv in her's. I also want my children to understand what Easter is really about. We do not always get to church every Sunday, but I make sure to take them all to Palm Sunday were the read Matthew's Passion. My church also does the Stations on Good Friday, a Seder dinner on Holy Thursday and a vigil Mass on Saturday night. These are all at times when my LO is sleeping, but as they get older I plan for them to take part in these traditions too to learn more about Easter and the true meaning of it.
Ham dinner has always been my and my husband's family traditional dinner. This is the first year I will be cooking it so I am excited to have leftovers to use for ham salad and maybe pea soup. My dad would always make pea soup and ham salad (hash he calls it) from the left overs. Those meals I really miss since moving out of my parents home.
Easter Baskets for the children. I am really against kids getting gifts and toys just because. I see too many kids who are taken to the toy store once a month to get new toys. I don't like what this teaches children. As a child I got toys at my birthday, Christmas and some in my Easter basket. I will continue to do this with my own children.
Since Liv is not even two, and I am pregnant and still exhausted from it this is the bulk of our traditions for this year. Next year I plan to do the same and then add some more fun crafts and other sorts of stuff as my children get older.
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