Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What to do while trapped inside?

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Even though the calender says spring in my area we are having a very long winter with unseasonably cold weather.
Usually I try to bundle us up and enjoy the outside as much as I can, but being pregnant and starting to show my nice warm winter coat will not zip up so I do not want to be in the cold.
Being stuck inside is hard, especially if its for several days so I try to break it up as much as possible. Playdates once a week, the library, grocery shopping, may visit a family friend, church. These simple activities help us not get bad cabin fever.
But while in the home I try to keep t.v. as a last resort. These are some of the simple activities I do with my 19 month old Liv.
Baking bread-she loves trying to knead the dough, helping me mix and then eating our finished product.
Action rhymes and songs- Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, The Hokey Pokey, Ring Around the Rosey
Dancing-We just put on the radio and rock out
Music-Liv got a music kit for Christmas that has maracas, a tambourine, jingle bells and some other odd instruments. We will march around the house with them or just sit and make music together
Puzzles-this is a quiet relaxing activity
Finger plays-counting rhymes and other songs keep us entertained
Play dough
cleaning-yes cleaning. Today Liv had a blast scrubbing the cabinets with a sponge and soapy water mix. I wiped them dry after she was done. I have to say she loved it and my cabinets really needed it.
Bubbles-we go in the basement to not make a mess on the floors.
Young toddlers can get bored easily and often won't sit for long periods of time doing one activity. This makes many rainy day activities hard for them to do, but with some patients and creativity you can fill up the day till you are able to get outdoors again.

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  1. Great suggestions! We finally have a lovely, sunny, warm today and E is grumpy as all get out and needs an early nap. I'm determined to be outside somehow!

    I'll try the cleaning tip, handy!