Sunday, March 20, 2011

Composting the Easy and Cheap Way

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This spring I plan to start a garden. With the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables on the rise I am hoping this will help keep our growing grocery budget down. It will also be a fun project for me to do with Liv. It amazes me how many children know nothing of where there food comes from and what is in season.
I have been reading a ton on gardening. Right now I checked out Martha Stewart's Gardening Month by Month. Since my home is in the same zone that Martha lives in I am finding this book to be very helpful.

My first step to preparing my garden is to start composting. It can take 4-6 weeks for compost to be usable so today we decided to make a simple garbage can compose bin.

It was so easy to do. I have seen on t.v. shows people use garbage can composters. I decided to do this method since I do not have the money to buy a nice expensive one and have read many places that they are not necessary.

I searched garbage can compost bin and came across a great video that showed my what to do.
I also found another video on youtube.

Using these 2 video my compost bin in now outside my home and being put to use. Can't wait to see the wonder compost that will be natural and safe for our home garden.
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