Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

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I made a promise to myself to keep my home seasonal and fresh with natural scents, not candles or air fresheners.
Last week my local florist brought out potted hyacinths and daffodils. The hyacinths have not quite bloomed yet, but I can't wait till they do. They are one of my favorite smelling flowers and I have looked forward to them each spring since I was a young child. What is great about these plants is when the flowers die I can replant the bulbs in the yard for next year.
I also got a bouquet of tulips for our dinner table.
I love seeing my home getting ready for spring and brining a little nature indoors.
Once the flowers bloom more my home will have a wonderful, natural smell. All with out the use of chemical air fresheners and candles filled with artificial scents that can actually contribute to indoor air pollution, a rising cause of asthma in young children.
It is also nice to make some memories for Liv of the seasons. I remember very vividly as a child, these bulbed flowers being brought into our home before Easter. It was a wonderful reminded that the long winter is over, Easter is coming and so is the wonder spring weather.
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