Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Organic Junk

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This pregnancy has so far been much harder then my first. The nausea is worse and cooking for my family has become difficult.
Last pregnancy I was working so I could afford some good quality take out, this time I can not.
I trolled the supermarket for quick, easy, healthy meals. I was shocked at all the "healthy" organic food that is horrible for you. There is so much junk food that is labeled organic. A cookie, or chip that has been fried is still not very healthy if its labeled organic. The worst I have found was the food for my toddler. Before my pregnancy almost everything she ate was homemade from scratch, but since most food makes me want to puke I've had to resort to store bought for many of her snacks.
I am so glad that I have taken the time to read the labels. Organic "fruit" snacks, only really had organic cane sugar and some fruit juice. This is horrible for a toddler, for anyone really. Just pure sugar and junk, even though its organic.
Instead of pre-made meals and other junk I have just resorted to lots of simple meals. Yes my husband is sick of eating pasta and salad, grilled chicken with rice and veggies and other simple meals, but its much better then the packaged meals filled with sodium and other products horrible for him and my daughter.
For snacks we are mostly eating fresh or canned fruit (in its own juice) and of course some carbs since they help my stomach. Pretzels, peanut butter crackers and fresh bread.
My warning here is just simple but just because it says organic doesn't mean its good for you. Whole foods in their raw form are usually best, but if you do by packaged goods take time time to read the ingredients, you may be surprised at what is in something labeled organic, natural or healthy.
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