Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Eczema oubreak for Liv

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Where I live we are in a heatwave. Monday we spent the day at the Delware river, swimming, playing, and sweating. Well when Liv sweats it gets in her little baby rolls and then her eczema comes on. It was just about completly gone before this too.
My poor baby has been scratching it too, so now its all red and irritated.

I am not one to just go right for the hydrocortisone cream to treat. I try to avoid using it unless it is really bad and she is really scratching.
It is a steriod cream, just knowing that makes me want to limit Liv's exposure to it. I do not like the idea of putting a steriod cream on my baby's skin.
I try to avoid the heat and water when she has an outbreak. So right now we are relaxing in the air conditioning. I also sometimes apply a hypoallergenic and fragrance free moisturizer to help with the healing. This works pretty well.
When ever liv comes down with anything I look for a more natural way to treat her with out going right to drugs.
This makes me feel better, knowing that I am not exposing her to so many chemicals.
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