Monday, September 13, 2010

how bad are antibacterial soaps?

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Check out the link on triclosan, that is in the post heading, which is in most antibacterial soaps.
It really makes you think what does the FDA do to protect us when they allow things like this that they admit the long term effects are not even know.
Personally I avoid it in my home and use triclosan free hand washes and dish soaps. Usually I use method soaps. In my home.
What the article does not mention are the negative effects that antibacterial soaps have on the environment too. They kill good bacteria that fish and other water life need to live. It messes with the ecosystem and the delicate balance of nature.
Just another product to avoid, but it can be done very easily, which is what makes me angry. Why can't companies make soap with out it since many companies out there are not using it?
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