Monday, September 20, 2010

Cry it Out study

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Should you leave your baby to cry, does it help them or hurt them, well according to this study it can make your baby susceptible to future anxiety disorders and impede your babies future abilty to respond to stress.
People are consitantly being told by doctors, their peers, parents and other well meaning people to just let their baby cry to help them sleep. That its good for them and will help, which in the short term it often does help the baby sleep, but what about the long term. People aren't told that it may effect their child in the future. cry it out is generally seen as safe and harmless. But really ask any mother how painful it is to hear you child scream and cry and think "is it really harmless if all my instincts say this is wrong." Now studies are showing that our instincts are probably right.
I just hope that people think twice before starting sleep training and do some research on the topic before just leaving their baby to cry.
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  1. It seems like it should be common sense but I don't believe in letting a baby cry it out. Babies need their Mommas. I cringe when I hear people talk about letting babies cry. I could never listen to my son cry, even now. Good post.