Friday, September 24, 2010

leaps and bounds

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It seems to me that Liv jumps steps. She barely said momma last week, today she has mastered it, plus is now saying my sister's name, Allison. It is crazy to me that my little 13 month old said "auhlithson" twice!
She is also climbing down a flight of stairs.
She also is getting better at learning to "ask" for things. She started handing me books to read to her.
It just amazes me how quick they grow.
I love watching her develop and see her personality shine. She is such a tender loving child. She gives plenty of kisses and hugs and loves to twirl my hair. Liv is such a cuddle bug. I love our cuddle time and love that she is still nursing. It is just the best feeling when she looks up in my eyes and smiles and strokes my skin while she nurses. Sometimes I even get butterflies.
She just has such a funny personality too. On the news today when they played Katie Perry and the infamous Elmo scene Liv starts shaking her hands and wiggling her body to the beat. She loves music and loves dancing, even though she can't even stand alone she dances sitting very well.
I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. I am grateful for everyday we have together and ever tender moment we share.
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