Friday, September 10, 2010

Fall is Here

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I love the Waldorf philosophy of rhythm with the seasons. My father owned a flower shop growing up and I lived across the street from a farm so I was always very aware of the changing seasons. Different flowers, crops, scents, tastes I still can recall so many of them. So much of this is now missed for many children. You can get apples all year round, pumpkin pie in June, and a Yankee candle smelling like Autumn leaves.
I really feel its important to go with the natural rhythm of the seasons. I feel it is better for us in many ways, its green to eat seasonally, it helps with our own natural rhythm and not work against it and it also can create many great memories for your child. There are many great books out there that have some good ideas on how to create rhythm and create your own family traditions.
I am so excited to start new traditions with Liv. On of the first is to go apple picking. I am luck to live in an area with lots of farms. I can't wait to pick the apples, then bake many apple dishes to enjoy, smell the pies cooking through out the house and to warm up my home with the lots of baking.
Fall isn't offically here, but in Jersey is summer ends after Labor Day and we have had some nice cool Fall weather already. We are enjoying walking in the cool weather and playing in the falling leaves. I am also reading Fall poems to Liv.
I am excited to start some great fall traditions for Liv and keep a nice family rhythm.
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