Tuesday, August 9, 2011

TV Limits

Last week I was thinking about what I was doing 2 years ago. I was pregnant with Liv in the middle of the summer, waiting for my due date, just as I am now. But there is one huge difference, this time I am caring for a toddler. Cooking, cleaning, playing games, chasing her for diaper changes and more.
It is absolutely exhausting. Most days during her nap time I am napping too.
Before I became pregnant I limited Liv's tv time to zero. She watched no tv at all. But once morning sickness started to set in I gave in. I needed the break to go throw up in peace and to also recover.
When I started to feel better the tv was turned off again.
But now as I approach my due date the tv has been turned back on again. I am so exhausted and tired I need some breaks.
I am fairly anti-tv for young children. There are so many other things they can and should be doing then passively watching television. But unfortunately since I can barely bend down and we are in a heat wave out door play is limited and so are many indoor activities. She will entertain herself, but can not do that as often as I would like. So for those rough times the tv goes on.
I still set strong limits with the tv.
No more then an hour a day (when I am more able its down to 1/2hour)
The hour can not be continues, she can not watch more then 15-20 mins of so of tv at a time. Which is perfect since most children's shows have 15 min episodes.
Other tips I used to keep our tv watching down is to not schedule in tv in our day. There is not time in the day Liv sits on the couch and expects to watch tv. I reserve it for special needs in the day. When I need to call the dr. When she is getting very fussy and i need a break. When I am absolutely exhausted and need to lay down, or when I don't feel well and need to lay down.
I think its important to not have tv time scheduled in our day. Even though I have become more dependent on it we are still not too dependent at all.
If we have a nice day planned and I feel well the tv does not go on all day.
There are so many negatives to the television at this age. A great book on it is
When I feeling a little more in my brain and not all about baby coming I will try to get more into why TV is can harm children at all ages.

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