Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hurricane Irene and being Prepared, The Green Way

All I keep hearing about is having bottled water, bottled water and lots of it in case you lose power during this hurricane. I can't understand why? Does the bottled water industry have a bad weather contract with the government?

When I went to the store to buy some canned goods just in case power goes out I couldn't believe it when I noticed I was the only one not buying bottled water.
Did everyone forget how we got water before it came in bottles? From the tap.
I have a filter in our basement and a Brita in the fridge. Today and yesterday I have been just filling up the brita, then when it is done I put the water in a pitcher. I have 2 large glass pitchers full of water. I have also started to fill all the stainless steel bottles that we use instead of bottled water and put them in the fridge. With the brita full too this amount will last us days.
No need to spend our money on bottles that are very wasteful and bad for the environment.
It really surprises me that our family is the only one I know who is doing this and not running out for bottled water.
I just hope for Mother Earth people start to realize how wasteful and unnecessary bottled water is. Even during a hurricane.

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  1. I agree; filtered tap water is definitely the way to go if you can help it! Plus, it's much cheaper too. :-)