Sunday, August 1, 2010

Official Start of Breastfeeding week

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This is the official start of breastfeeding week. Instead of going into all the benefits of BF and tips and more I am just going to tell you my favorite things about BF.

No bottles, no bottles in the middle of the night, no bottles to wash, no bottles or formula to buy. Which leaves me with extra time to relax or to play with Liv.

Breastfeeding is a wonderful bond. There is a special bond when you nurse your baby. Just several days ago when I was nursing Liv she reached up and stroked my face. It was amazing. Its just so great when you have a new baby that everyone wants to hold and only you can feed her. Its a wonderful time to relax with your LO.

Its green. No plastic bottles, no nipples, no cans or bottles of formula (which are usually lined with plastic with BPA in it) No running hot water to steralize bottles. BF is very green, while formula feeding wastes a lot of natural resources.

I can just leave the house, no packing bottles, no running to warm bottles. I can just leave with some diapers and wipes and not have to worry about what Liv will eat. Now that she's eating solids I pack some snacks, but I still don't have to worry about milk or formula.

Its comforts my baby. Nursing helps Liv relax, so she can sleep, it helps her when she is sick to feel better, it helps her when she is upset to calm down.

I enjoy knowing that I am doing what is best for my baby and me. There are so many health benefits to BF for the baby and for you.

Tomor I will go over health benefits of breastfeeding for your baby.
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