Wednesday, August 25, 2010

transition to one nap

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Liv very suddenly transitioned to one nap. She was giving me a very hard time about going down for her naps and at night for days. She would fuss and fight and act wide awake. She needed to be rocked for almost an hour. Well on Saturday was her first birthday party and I did not have time to take hours to get her to sleep so I waited. I put her down for her first nap at noon, she slept only an hour and a half and needed to go to bed by 6:30. She passed right out.
Now she is taking a nap at noonish, about 5 hours after she wakes up. The nap is now longer now that she is realizing she is getting one nap. Some days it has been 3 hours.
Today we were in the car at the time of her old morning nap and she passed out. I awoke her at our destination, 10 min later. She did find and still took a decent nap at 12:15. So I guess she still isnt totally used to one nap, but it hasnt even been a week.
Liv took so long to get down to 2 naps I'm suprised that she dropped to one so quick.
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