Monday, June 10, 2013

Rain Rain Come Again

I have a love hate with rain. It helps my garden grow big, but keeps us inside, at least during thunder storms. Its makes me sleepy, which would be okay if I didn't have 2 little ones to care for. I love watching storms come in, but my current house has no front porch to sit and watch them. But my biggest love is it gives me a day to just be, be inside, clean and have fun with the girls. Its quiet time now. The day got off to a late start since everyone slept in, yeah for the rain making them sleepy too. We had breakfast, did dishes, the girls watch some Youtube video on phonics. Liv is getting interesting in reading so I've been trying to get her some prep for it. We read a book about birds. We also had some tantrums over clothes. We played hide and seek and danced to the Wiggles. We had a nice lunch. Now its time for laundry and my quiet time. The afternoon should have some more cleaning while the girls free play together. Maybe some art, painting or coloring. More storytelling and maybe one more show. I'm usually pretty strict with the tv, but for everyones sanity I lighten up a little bit on rainy days we don't leave the house. I'm hoping to get on the rain gear and check out our garden later too. I think our strawberries might be ripe. Rainy day fun on the good old homestead.

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