Thursday, November 24, 2011

Weekly Rhythm

I've posted before about our weekly rhythm. Have a nice routine helps me greatly organize the duties of the house and helps me plan out actives and other things to do so I don't feel stuck home all week.

Lately our rhythm has been this
Sunday-Church in the morning, afternoon, outside play time maybe some football, cook a nice big dinner
Monday-Market, grocery shop
Tuesday-Library story time. Liv does a story time at a local library that even has a simple craft after the story. After this she plays in the kids area and checks out a book.
Wednesday-Wash- laundry day and garbage day. This was our library day before story time so if its raining or too cold out we go to the closer smaller library and check out some more books and play a little bit.
Thursday-Errand day
Friday-Floors, my big cleaning day
Saturday- free day

The reason I am returning to this topic is my amazement of how my toddler gets our weekly rhythm. We have been doing this routine for well over a year, with the exception of the story time which started in September. She has no concept of days of the week(monday, tuesday) but sure gets our routine and which days come after each other.
On Wednesday after breakfast Liv went in the bathroom, removed the bath mats and threw them down the stairs and took out new mats and put them on the floor. I always do this Wednesdays with the wash. I couldn't believe my eyes when she started to do this. She just knew that is what we do. Keep a nice routine really works.
We have been slacking on our daily structure and rhythm with a newborn in the house, but seeing how much the weekly rhythm works for her and has her helping out with the household chores I am eager to get back back into a routine, and a little better one to help our day go even more smooth. I feel it helps so much and our routines are one huge reason why Liv does not have too many tantrums.
She always knows what to expect and what is expected.

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