Monday, May 9, 2011

Lilacs in Bloom

lilac Syringa vulgaris in bloomImage via Wikipedia

When I grew up my mother alway brought fresh cut lilacs into our house from the 2 lilac bushes outside our home.
I am lucky enough to have 3 lilac bushes in our yard and all are now starting to bloom.
I have been cutting just a few at a time, since lilacs don't seem to last too long cut, and spreading them through out our home. This way I can keep cutting a few and bringing them in so my house will smell of lilacs for weeks.
The fresh bunch I cut today I placed right at the entrance of our home. We are having several visitors this week, so now when then walk our home the first smell they will notice will be the beautiful scent of lilacs. Not a candle fragrance or some artificial air freshener, but real fresh cut flowers from my yard.

I just love the scents of spring and welcome bringing them into my home, and then sharing them with my friends. Sense of smell with memories is strongly associated. When I smell lilacs I remember my childhood home growing up and my mom cutting bunches and bunches to fill up the home. I would not mind if my friends associate the smell of fresh lilacs with my spring home.
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