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Exploring and Learning With Children

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I have a love/dislike relationship were I live. My dislike is simple, I hate to drive and I live too far from anything to walk or bike.
But I do enjoy living so close to nature. I am in one of the most rural parts of the most populated state. We have all types of birds, chipmunks, deer, foxes and even black bears.
I also love that just a short walk away my neighbors have cows, roosters and chickens.
I love having Liv learn animal sounds from real animals, not from a book. We do read books with animal sounds often, one of our favorites is , but she hasn't learned any sounds from it.
But every time she hears an animal making noise she learns the sound so quick. Their are birds out chirping all the time in my yard and Liv asks to see the "cheep cheeps" When we go to see the cows she goes "meeyo" When we see "doggies" she goes "woof woof" I love watching her learn from real life examples.
It really sets up a lifetime of memories, one she would not get from learning about cows online or in a video.
The best way to learn is to experience. The sad fact is that many kids do not get to experience nature.
Young children learn best while just letting them explore, observe and discover. They do not learn from sitting in front of a t.v., educational programs or not, doing work sheets or flash cards or participate in organized sports. They need time to learn for themselves, play in nature and learn the little things that help build a foundation for the higher levels of learning that they will experience later in life.
There is no reason to push, education and learning is not a race, a race has a definite beginning and end, your learning should not.
Pushing children in the trend, but the results seem to backfired. We are not getting smarter as a whole, just the opposite is happening.
Give children time to play and they will learn with out even realize that is what is going on.

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