Saturday, July 6, 2013

Summer Treats

Its hot, steaming hot out here. Summer is in full swing and the heat is above 90 most days, with a nice dose of humidity mixed in. We are doing anything and everything to keep cool, playing with the hose, swimming, relaxing in the air conditioning, and eating lots of ice cream. I don't mind the occasional treat but I'm not a fan of it as an everyday thing. We have also been eating fruit bars and other pops. Most fruit bars contain a lot of sugar so are probably not the most healthy option either. Well I decided to stick a pop in a slice of watermelon, stick it in the freezer and give it to my kids as fruit pops. They love them and so do I. Its the easiest, coolest and a very healthy summer treat. Frozen grapes are also one of my fav ways to cool down, but the fact that they are lacking popsicle sticks they aren't as kid friendly or appealing. So frozen watermelon on a stick it is. Enjoy the heat.

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