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Staying Fit While Pregnant

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I always hate seeing in the "rag" magazines some celebrities working out hard well into their pregnancies. The one who always got me was Ellen Pompeo. She was thinner pregnant then I ever will be, and was working out till days before she gave birth.
But I have to remind myself that pregnancy effects everyone differently. Some people have more energy while pregnant then they do when they are not pregnant. That is not me. After I get over morning sickness, which lasts well into my second trimester I have a few weeks before I get to big and uncomfortable.
No matter if you feel great or feel like an old woman exercise is important while being pregnant. Its important to to over exhort yourself, which could happen if you have a feel great pregnancy. And its important not to become one with the couch, if you feel bad, which is what I work on.
Walking is one of the best ways to get in some exercise while pregnant. When the weather is nice I try to take 1/2 walks with my little Liv in her stroller. It is a great work out for me. I just make sure to take my time, and now that the weather is more hot and humid I try to go out during the morning. I also make sure to bring water.
I walk in our neighborhood, but sometimes we go to local trails, or walk around town.
Since I know I could be walking more I am going to get myself a pedometer to help myself track our walks and steps. (this will also be took in helping me lose the baby weight)
Yoga is another great work out for pregnancy. you can find a group setting or buy some DVDS and books, or check them out from your local library. If you can't find a prenatal class and beginners class should be fine. Just make sure to let your instructor know you are pregnant so s/he can modify certain poses for you. This is my favorite DVD to work out too.
Pilates is another great work out for pregnant woman.
A stationary bike is a great cardio work out and is also great to help you ease back into an exercise routine after the baby.
Light weights are another great work out.
Stretching is a wonderful and relaxing way to help your body with all of the stress and soreness from pregnancy.
Unless you are on bedrest working out in some way should be an important part of taking care of yourself while pregnant.
Woman who work out are more likely to have easier labors, and their children are more likely to have a healthy weight, even later in life.
Just remember that pregnancy is not a time to push yourself, or a time to try to lose weight. Your baby is growing and your body is changing and all of that needs to be respected. We can't all stay as slim and fit as we were before. I just keep telling myself that this is temporary and I need to do what is best for my growing baby.
Aim for 30 min work outs 5 times a week. This can be broken down to 3 10 min work outs in a day if needed.
Exercise is also great for your mind and can help you sleep better at night, and you won't feel so bad giving into those chocolate cake cravings :)
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  1. I like what you said about not feeling so bad about giving in to those chocolate cake cravings. :-) Good over all for any one hoping to get fit.