Friday, June 10, 2011

Keeping my Home Neat when I can Barely Bend Down

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I have reached that stage in my pregnancy. The stage where you stop to think about how much you want something when you drop it. Its amazing how much effort has to be put into bending down.
While many people complain how horrible a summer pregnancy is I am finding it very helpful. We spend most days outdoors so my house doesn't get as messy as it does in the winter. Other then this bad heat wave that just passed we spend most of the day outside so Liv's playroom and our living room are fairly neat.
I have also learned to enlist my toddler as momma's helper. I nicely ask her to pick something up and thank her when she helps me out. She usually helps me out. I am lucky to have a toddler that likes things neat and orderly. When something falls she says "Uh oh" and picks it right up for me.
I also have her help put away her own toys. I sing the "clean up" song and we put toys and books away. Things aren't away as neat as I would normally like, but at least they are not on the floor.
Cooking simpler meals helps too, since there are not as many dishes to clean up afterward.
We also do not wear shoes in our home. This cuts down on the need of vacuuming, sweeping and moping.
I also have my husband help out a little more. I am grateful that he doesn't like clutter and a mess and its willing to help out.
My back hurts usually pretty bad after a day of cleaning so I try to mop and vacuum as much as I can in one day so I can relax the next day and recover.
One other thing is I have to lower my standards a little. My house is not as neat and organized as it was pre-pregnancy but I do not let it get in total disarray. That also helps since I don't have to go crazy catching up.
Pregnancy is an amazing thing, but it takes a lot out of you and I've learned to listen to my body and only do so much not to over stress it. The goal is a healthy baby, not a perfect home.
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  1. I can totally relate! I'm 36 weeks and most every day chores seem to take A LOT more effort! Especially the vacuuming and mopping! My husband has been mopping for me on Saturday's and that has been a huge help as that makes my back ache more than just vacuuming! And I agree with you. I'm not looking for a spotless house, but a healthy pregnancy!