Thursday, July 7, 2011

Manners and etiquette, long gone?

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Today I was shopping at a children's consignment shop. I am now 8 months pregnant and was holding my almost 2 year old's hand trying to get in the door when a women rushed out to get more bags from her car. She said excuse me. But really shouldn't she be waiting for a pregnant woman and a child, not trying to cut ahead? Is your time really that important, that more important than mine?
At first I thought this was the owner, and was about to leave since I didn't want to give someone like that my business. Then I realized this is another customer trying to sell her stuff to the shop. So I went on my way shopping.
I just think of my little girl, not even 2, who has better manners then this woman. She says please and thank you (we are working on your welcome since she always responds to thank you with another thank you) she even says bless you when someone sneezes.
I was not raised with good manners or etiquette, but as I got older I realized the importance and how bratty I probably was as a child so I always said I would instill good manners in my children.
Honestly I have not found it hard either. I make sure to always say please and thank you and Liv has just caught on.
I just love seeing children using good manner, its always puts a smile on my face. I can recall last time I was pregnant a boy, maybe all of 4 held the door open for me. This made my day.
To me most often bad manners just shows me that you think your time is more important then mine. This is such a selfish attitude. No wonder society is the way it is with people walking around thinking this way.
Someone is late, what I have nothing better to do then wait around for you?
Holding the door, someone can't take 20 seconds out of their day to help out a pregnant woman, a child, the elderly or just anyone who might not have his/her hands free.
I had a woman block me in at the grocery store last month with her cart. Said excuse me, she looked at me and looked around at the boxes blocking me in on the other side. "What do u want me to do?" She said moving on with looking for her purchase. "Move your cart so I can get out?"
Again another selfish act. She expected me to wait for her to pick out her meat, which can take a while, then take 5 seconds to move her cart out of the way.
People talking or texting while out with friends, is something else better going on. You can't enjoy the company of others and give them your full attention?
Talking loud on cellphones in public places. Lack of cellphone etiquette is a huge pet peeve of mine. I hate when I go to a register and have to wait for the cashier to finish up his/her text. People have no pride in their work at all.
When did we become so self-centered?
What ever happened to love thy neighbor?
I can not change the world, but I am glad that I am teaching my own children that walking around thinking that the world revolves around you is not okay. I feel good teaching them brotherhood for their fellow man. Yes I feel manners are a simple start of this.
Manners show respect to yourself and others.
Treat others as you want to be treated.
These may sound cliched, but they are true.
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