Thursday, December 31, 2009

Why Delay Solids

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From my own research America is the only country that suggests solids before 6 months and even in this country the suggestions are mixed.
The World Health Organization suggests breast milk or formula only for the first 6 months.
Immature Digestive System: A babies digestive system is really not ready for solids before 6 months. Before 6 months the only solids are supposed to be rice cereal with BM or formula. This is because the babies body is not really ready for solids.
Reduction in Allergies: Delaying solids has been linked to the reduction of food allergies.
Obesity: Delaying solids has been linked to maintaining a healthy weight. I think it says something that America is the only country that suggests solids before 6 months are we are the heaviest country with lots of health problems linked to obesity.
More Variety for Baby: Delaying solids means that rice cereal does not have to be the first food, or their primary food. Giving plain white rice cereal may be why we love white bread and other unhealthy white products. Being able to delay solids means that you can introduce other solids, like veggies and fruits, to teach your baby healthy food habits from the start
Breast is Best: Breast milk has so many advantages for your baby. Starting solid earlier may mean your little one may be eating rice cereal instead of some of the breast milk s/he was eating before. Breast feed babies get immunities from their mommies, this occurs in its greatest amount when a baby is exclusively breastfed. The longer you EBF the better for building up your babies immunities

Any my fav reason from BLW, delaying solids means you are preparing your baby for BLW. So delaying means you are getting your baby ready for BLW. Feeding your baby with a spoon may hinder BLW. I will talk more about this when I talk more about BLW
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